Isabel Canto de Loura

Pedagogical Director

PhD in Biological Oceanography and Marine Biotechnology.

Specialized in Science teaching and teacher training in Science teaching through the interdisciplinary STEAM methodology.

General Music Course (specialized in cello teaching).

LANGUAGES : Portuguese. English French. Understanding of Spanish, German and Italian spoken and written. Very basic level of Mandarin.


Angela Mariana Freitas

Master in Education and Training, with specialization in Social Development. Experience as Monitor of events for children and youth.

LANGUAGES : Portuguese, English, Spanish.


Isabel Pinto Basto

Master in Musicology, experienced in organizing fun science events and activities for young people

LANGUAGES: English (mother tongue), Portuguese


Camille Bourdeau

Finalist student of artistic and cultural mediation at the Escola Superior de Educacao de Lisboa. Develops artistic and pedagogical workshops aimed mainly at 3-11 years old. Several years of experience as an ATL animator in Paris.

LANGUAGES: French (mother tongue), Portuguese.

Music teachers and other activities in the STELLARIA space

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