Wednesdays at STELLARIA

for children aged 4 to 10, throughout the academic year

A special sub-program of our 'Junior Science' workshops, for children and young people whose schools take a break on Wednesday afternoons.


We can pick up from local  schools and provide lunch and afternoon snack .


And afternoons are spent doing homework, if applicable, and learning science in a consistent and fun way using the STEAM methodology *

( * Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Music, and Maths = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Music, and Mathematics).

Each week there is a new theme to explore, with activities suitable for the age group.

NOTE: the program requires enrollment for the academic year and attendance.

Here are some of the themes (NOTE: they are the same as the Workshops 'Junior Science'):

Art in the sky (1): Constellations
Art in the sky (2): Comets, etc.
The Sun and other stars
Planets of the solar system
The moons of the solar system
The Earth and the Moon
The Earth inside and out
The water
Substances and compounds
Atoms and Molecules
Make slime
Magic soap
Playing with numbers and numbers
Visual and mental calculation games
Magic numbers
Binary system
Secret codes
Thought of the day: Algorithm
Introduction to coding
'Java' programming for children
Play with the Light
Wind Energy
Energy of Waves and Tides
Heat and Temperature
Fractals in Nature
Eggs: natural packaging
Camouflage and Vision in Animals
Whose DNA is this?
Shells and Seashells
Everything (or almost everything) about Pisces
How the (some) birds fly
Tracks and footprints
Sounds and silences: the art of communicating
Journey to the time of 'dinosaurs'
Horses, donkeys and zebras
Seaweeds and other algae

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks a real advance in science.” Albert Einstein