Interdisciplinary methodology and project learning

based on 4 educational pillars: curiosity, communication, sustainability and creativity


Mission and Objectives

STELLARIA arose from the desire to complement what traditional basic education can offer, with more playful and interdisciplinary activities ( STEM, STEAM and STREAM * methodologies) and project-based learning, anchored in principles of sustainability and solid social values.


We seek to encourage natural and spontaneous learning, in an iterative spiral of learning-consolidation, without deadlines, without grades, without pressure, at the pace of each young participant but focused on team spirit and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

* STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths

STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths

STR.EAM Science, Technology, Reading, Arts, Engineering and Maths


  • Helping young people to develop curiosity and receptivity in the face of new intellectual challenges.

  • Detect and explore potential innate scientific, musical or artistic skills and talents that traditional schooling systems have neither the time nor the resources to do.

  • Support and advise families of young people with specific talent (scientific, musical or artistic) on the potential attitudes, responses and strategies they can adopt in order to better support young people with talent to evolve in a balanced and stimulating way.