STELLARIA arose from the desire to complement what traditional basic education can offer, with more playful and interdisciplinary activities ( STEAM * methodology ) and project-based learning, anchored in sustainability principles and solid social values.

We seek to encourage natural and spontaneous learning, in an iterative spiral of learning-consolidation, without deadlines, without grades, without pressure, at the pace of each young participant but focused on team spirit and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Because learning is part of the day's adventures, it stimulates the imagination, creativity and emotional intelligence, while enabling mental, scientific and technological agility, learn to think, plan, investigate and carry out projects, even with few material resources.

This type of pedagogical intervention, if regular and consistent, helps to prepare young people to better respond to potential future job offers, learn to think, plan and implement projects even with few material resources.


STELLARIA originated in London in 2015 (STELLARIA YOUNG MINDS Ltd.), and in 2016 was invited to carry out the same program weekly in three different areas (Camden Town, Stoke Newington, and Balham). In 2017 and 2018 it was on the list of the top ten educational activities for children in London (based on the results of assessment surveys carried out by parents by an independent body that assesses the impact and quality of fun science activities for children and young people in the Kingdom United). In 2018 he also started volunteering with activities that integrated Art and Science for patients with long-term illnesses at the local hospital, and for users of day care centers and local social support centers, having won in 2018 the 1st ex aequo SOUP award for independent activities local socio-cultural support.

The launch of this Junior Science Center STELLARIA in Lisbon took place at the end of 2018, starting to operate daily in July 2020.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Mission and Objectives: 

To contribute to the intellectual development of kids and young people beyond what they might be able to achieve by simply sitting for what day-to-day the general education at school can provide. 
To provide guidance to parents whose children may show special intellectual or artistic talent or skills, to help enable and recognise those characteristics, and fully support the potentially fabulous human capital they hold.
To contribute to stimulate and keep a healthy and vibrant intellectual activity of senior members of the local community, to help them maintain a rewarding social life and ensure that their daily life is meaningful and cherished.

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