The name STELLARIA and a little history

Shell of Stellaria solaris , which inspired the name of the company.

Latin Stella means star.

We hope that this name will inspire our participants to be well-formed people, with team spirit and independent thinking skills, adaptable and determined in the face of new social, cultural, environmental, technical and scientific challenges.

The micro-company STELLARIA CIENCIA & ARTE Lda., Founded in late 2018 and operating since May 2019, is the updated version of the socially-oriented micro-company STELLARIA YOUNG MINDS Ltd. created in London (England) in 2016 by the founding partner.

STELLARIA YOUNG MINDS Ltd. (closed in 2020 by decision of the founder to return to Portugal) has had great success for its innovative model and social actions for young people from families from the poorest London communities, as well as for voluntary activities for young people. young people and the elderly in hospitals and day care centers. The prizes and mentions won gave the project a greater meaning and inspired us to always try to learn more and evolve with meaning,

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks a real advance in science.” Albert Einstein