'STELLARIA Junior Cello Ensemble' (registered trademark)  started in London in 2017, and is now in Portugal. 


Open to children and young people ages 4 to 14,  who still have not started learning music, or for those who are keen on starting to learn to play a musical instrument and select the cello as their 1st choice. 

​An introduction to the Cello, music theory and history, and learning how to play music in a group.

A learn-as-you-play approach is a fabulous opportunity to enhance kids' intellectual and artistic development, while also learning to be self-disciplined and focused, and understand they play an active role in a cohesive group where each and every member's contribution is paramount.

Besides, the Stellaria Junior Cello Ensemble will occasionally have the opportunity to have special classes, rehearse and work with international renown cellists, and perform at local small musical events.
Participants are expected to have their own small cello (a 1/10, or a 1/8, or a 1/4, or a 1/2, or a 3/4 cello, or a full size cello) depending on age and height of the child).
However, we have a few cellos available for temporary loans for a low fee (subject to terms and conditions). 

Limited places available (16 per group, maximum): early booking highly recommended. 


To book please press here  and select Stellaria Junior Cello Ensemble

For further details please contact us via phone (964985005) or email (stellaria.cienciarte@gmail.com) 

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