Saiba 'tudo' sobre a nossa empresa:

We are a micro-enterprise launched in 2018, specialized in science dissemination and learn-as-you-play activities always delivered with an interdisciplinary approach.

Most of our activities are similar to those of the sister-company Stellaria Young Minds Ltd. (micro-enterprise with a social ethos) which has been operating in London since 2016, as both companies share the same founder. 

We apply the best of the most well-known pedagogical theories and practice, focusing especially on an extensive use of the  'STEAM+M education' (*) mindset, which we apply in an interdisciplinary way. 

(*) STEAM : acronym for 'Science, Technology. Engineering, Arts/Music and Maths'. Most schools and educational institutions have been applying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) but this has been slowly been replaced by STEAM+M, as the latter contributes to a more solid and life-long learning process and to a more balanced overall development of the individual child/young person.  




Mission and Objectives: 


Onde estamos

RUA do CABO, 58-B

Campo de Ourique

1250-057 LISBOA


How to reach us:


by car:

  • coming from A5 or from Amoreiras, turn on to  Rua Silva Carvalho and then on to Travessa do Cabo : we are at the very end of this Travessa.

  • comoing from Rato, go to top of Rua do Sol ao Rato, turn left on  Rua Silva Carvalho, then keep on the left and you will be on Rua do Cabo.

by public transport:: 

  • buses 758 ou 774, get off at the top of  Rua D João V

  • buses 783, 713 get off at Amoreiras

  • tube: Rato (walk up on Rua D Joao V or Rua do Sol ao Rato, turn left on Rua Silva Carvalho, follow to the left and you will be on Rua do Cabo



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